The Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) envisage to take in loop other stakeholders which work in close coordination with the large-scale industries (Designated Consumers), to make the operations of the platform inclusive to the stakeholder group put together. The stakeholders encompass the Industry, Industry Associations, Technology and Service Providers, Research Institutes and Financial Institutes.


The Industrial sectors which come under the scope of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Perform Achieve and Trade Scheme, also referred as Designated Consumers (DCs) are one of the key stakeholders for this platform. These DCs belong to Aluminium, Cement, Chlor-Alkali, Commercial Buildings (Hotels), DISCOM, Fertilizers, Iron and Steel, Petrochemicals, Petroleum Refinery, Pulp & Paper, Railways, Textile and Thermal Power Plant.

Industry Associations

The Knowledge Sharing Platform works with industry associations for conducting sector-level workshops, seminars, and other project activities. Some Industry association representatives are also Members of the KSP. The industry association also represents various concerns and issues of the industry to a large stakeholder mix.

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Technology and Service Providers

The technology and service providers’ stakeholder group are diverse since the platform works for all thirteen energy-intensive industrial sectors and Establishments. KSP partners with process technology suppliers and individual engineering equipment suppliers while carrying out knowledge dissemination activities. The objective of partnering with this group is to enable a dynamic nexus between demand and supply of resource efficient technology solutions.
The technologies which are being used in UK and other countries in the areas of Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization will be looked upon for integration with Indian industries.

Research Institutes

We also intend to connect the sector-specific research institutes and the academics-driven research institutes to the knowledge sharing platform. This will be a platform for the industry and the research institutes to work together on the issues pertaining to the need of research and development in the industry and in development of customized, innovative, and novel solutions.

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Financial Institutions

The knowledge sharing platform also intends to engage Financial Institutions to help various beneficiaries get financing to implement Energy efficiency projects through Registered Financial Institutions. 

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State Designated Agencies

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 15(d) of the Energy Conservation (EC) Act 2001, all the State Governments / UT Administrations have designated an agency as State Designated Agency (SDA) to coordinate, regulate and enforce the provisions of this Act within the State, either by assigning additional responsibilities to one of the existing departments of the State Government or by establishing a dedicated stand-alone SDA for energy efficiency. These agencies differ from State to State with the Renewable Energy Development Agency comprising 44%, Electrical Inspectorate comprising 19%, Distribution Companies comprising 17%, Power Departments comprising 14% and stand-alone SDA comprising 6%. The Knowledge Sharing Platform works with SDAs for conducting sector-level workshops, seminars and other project activities for promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Technologies.

List of SDAs are provided here: List of SDAs